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Impact of information technology and economics on value creation indicators


Alexandru L. Manole1

1Artifex University, Bucharest, Romania

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Running title: IT and economics on value creation indicators

Keywords: information technology, economics, value creation, indicators

J Appl Econ Stat. 2017; 1(1): 11-24; Date of submission: 2017-02-14, Date of acceptance: 2017-03-26


In terms of the temporal dimension, the concept of value has emerged with trade being used in all areas of activity. Over time, economists have tried to define it in different ways, but all these have started from a subjective appreciation of the size of a good or business. Research on the economic value of a good or business has been and is still very numerous, the ultimate goal being to estimate the value of an individual asset and then expand it to the level of assets that can be exchanged.

The continued development of the global economy has led to the development of value-based management, and the research of value creation has become increasingly precious. Shareholders are the main beneficiaries of actions taken by management teams to increase the value of a business.

To implement a value-based management program that generates future benefits, there is a need for more than mere analysis and interpretation of value-based performance indicators. Users of this managerial approach assert that there is also a need for essential changes in the company culture.

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