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The notion of performance and economic analysis


Adrian Anica-Popa1

1Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

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Running title: Performance and economic analysis

Keywords: performance, economic, analysis

J Appl Econ Stat. 2017; 1(1): 46-54; Date of submission: 2017-03-02, Date of acceptance: 2017-03-30


Specialist literature retains at least three “traditional” articles that analyze the term “performance” and its use: Lebas (1995), Wholey (1996) and Folan – Brown (2007). Lebas characterizes performance as forward-looking, designed to reflect peculiarities of each organization or individual, and based on a causal pattern that connects components and products. A “successful” business is one that will achieve its goals set by the management team, and not necessarily some that have already been achieved. Thus, performance holds both capability and future (Lebas, 1995). The self-excoriative behavior could also be regarded as an appeal for help.

Performance management is a concept that has recently emerged in Romania, the understanding of its evolution and its substantiation, influencing the impact and success of its implementation. The applicability of performance management is an aspect that is most needed in the current economic context, where performance is a central concern of organizations. Currently in Romania, performance management has become an imperative concept for organizational, operational and individual efficiency.

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