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Aims and Scope

The Journal of Clinical and Investigative Surgery mission is to provoke, encourage and sustain publishing of original scientific articles related to surgery, able to stimulate constructive debates among doctors, researches and other health professionals with respect to latest discoveries and trends in the field. We pay a special attention for translational, interdisciplinary and integrative perspectives, able to support advancement of surgical disciplines and to the ultimate benefit of surgical patient care and rehabilitation.

Surgery usually supposes a well delineated practical activity. Additional diagnostic and therapeutic methods are also included in operatory protocols, contributing in this way to the current success of surgical interventions. For this reason, new biophysical and biochemical solutions or medical devices have been developed over time, in order to support the surgical activity. Infection and cicatrization for example or mini-invasive (laparoscopic, endoscopic) procedures depend in great extent by dedicated additional supports. Such additional supports improve substantially the results obtained in some cases, even if this implies (for some devices) important changes for the traditional operatory techniques. Given the complexity of surgical activity, J Clin Invest Surg. was designed for a translational and integrative mission, being focussed especially on translational studies and innovative perspectives able to stimulate transition from experimental and investigative surgery to the specific clinical activity and surgical practice.

To reach these objectives, Journal of Clinical and Investigative Surgery takes into consideration a wider range of articles such as original articles, case presentations, reviews, editorials, letters to the editor. We are open and encourage submission of articles not only from general and pediatric surgeons, but also from other scientists involved in basic and clinical disciplines that are related to surgery.

We intend to give quick and reasoned answers to all submitted papers, the time of the first decision being thus as soon as possible. Each decision will be supervised at least by one of the two editors, based either on preliminary editorial evaluation (articles that do not meet the journal profile or the required format) or on reviewers comments.