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Cristian R. Jecan1, Cristina N. Cozma1, Adrian Tulin2, Alexandru D. Hernic1, Laura Răducu1

1Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu Clinical Hospital, Dep. of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Bucharest, Romania
2Carol Davila University, Dep. of General Surgery, Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania


Introduction. The paramedian forehead flap is one of the best options for reconstruction of the median upper two-thirds of the face due to its vascularity, color, texture match and ability to resurface all or part of the reconstructed area. The forehead flap is the gold standard for nasal soft tissue reconstruction and the flap of choice for larger cutaneous nasal defects having a robust pedicle and large amount of tissue.

Materials and Methods. We are reporting a clinical series of cutaneous tumors involving the nose, medial canthus, upper and lower eyelid through a retrospective review of 6 patients who underwent surgical excision of the lesion and primary reconstruction using a paramedian forehead flap.

Results. The forehead flap was used for total nose reconstruction, eyelids and medial canthal reconstruction. All flaps survived completely and no tumor recurrence was seen in any of the patients. Cosmetic and functional results were favorable.

Conclusions. The forehead flap continues to be one of the best options for nose reconstruction and for closure of surgical defects of the nose larger than 2 cm. Even though is not a gold standard, median forehead flap can be an advantageous technique in periorbital defects reconstruction.