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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is a mandatory condition for any manuscript to appear in Journals published through Digital ProScholar Media. Once the article has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author must fill and sign (on behalf of all coauthors) the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (download it from ICMJE), which will be sent to the journal editorial office. If you can't open the PDF document, you may not have the right version of Acrobat Reader DC, which can be downloaded for free from Here.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form presents any existing or potential conflict of interest for the submitted manuscript. Such conflicts of interest of authors refer to possible relationship/ ownership interests in corporations whose services or products are related to the content of article. Relationships interests for example are regarding employment or belonging to the board of directors of an industrial concern, membership on advisory council/ committee, association with publicity of company, etc. Ownership interests refer to partnership/ membership/ equity position in an industrial corporation or other similar entity, rights related to patent or intellectual property, ownership of stock or stock option, etc. Other conflicts of interest could be represented by receiving grants, funds, honorarium or consulting fees from corporations whose activity include the article domain of study.

Covering Letter should state that the manuscript has not been published before and that it is not offered simultaneously for publication elsewhere. The full responsibility for all presented data in a submitted article belongs to authors. Manuscript should not contain data that could be offensive, scandalous, libelous, false, obscene, or contrary to laws. The manuscript must not contain information (texts, tables, illustrations, etc.) from previously published materials, regardless language and publisher. If such information (protected by copyright of others) were used, you must certify that obtained (prior to submission) written permission from copyright owners for the use and reproduction of the respective information, and that you agree to transmit (if the case) such written permissions to the respective Journal, upon request.



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