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Advertising policy

Digital ProScholar Media is a not profit-oriented organization, but it does not exclude advertisements of the collaborating services. See here more information about the Advertising Policy.

All advertisements and sponsored publications are independently from editorial decision process. Editorial activity is not compromised in any way by potential sponsors, advertisers, and marketing decisions. For this reason, advertisements and editorial content must be clearly distinguishable, being presented in well delineated areas on the site. In addition, advertisers and sponsors have no control or influence over the results of searches a user may conduct on the website by keyword or search topic. Advertisements should include the advertiser, product or service that is presented, and must be verifiable. Advertisements for drug-specific campaigns must be conform with European legislation that regulates advertising.

Advertisements can not be accepted if they are misleading, offensive, indecent, contrary to law, include elements of discrimination (racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious etc.), or are related to products or services known to be harmful to health (tobacco, alcohol, etc.). Digimedia Press reserves the right to decline any type of advertising that is inappropriate to the published content, and that is damaging to the publisher brand or contrary to its policy. Any advertisement (deployed online) can be withdrawn from the journal site at any time, when the Publisher or Editor-in-Chief request its removal. Information about complaints related to advertisements will be presented in this page.

English Language Editing service

The process of accurate writing the text in English often reduce the manuscript’s chance to be understood, reviewed, and finally accepted. Depending by manuscript, editing service could be different from paper to paper.

In the case of well written papers, the editing support can be limited to basic procession, that verifies that terminology and phrasing are correct, and checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes. For papers requiring advanced changes, the offered service includes extensive editing for language and style. In addition to the basic procession, there are performed improvement of sentences that sound awkward or unnatural.

Manuscript Formatting service

This service allows researchers to save valuable time using skilled experts for manuscript and references formatting, depending to the journal’s style. Figures and tables are placed to the appropiate location in the manuscript, with standardized legends according to specifications.

To be able to evaluate a paper and give you a response, manuscript must be sent to


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